Project Overview

Chino Valley’s General Plan is the primary guide for growth and development for the Town of Chino Valley. The Make It Chino! 2040 General Plan is an update to the previous plan, Town of Chino Valley 2014 General Plan. The Make It Chino! 2040 General Plan will result from a 12-month process that was initiated in August 2022 and will culminate with a Town Council hearing to approve the plan in July 2023.



The Make It Chino! General Plan employed seven key elements of engagement: Project Branding, Educational Materials, Town Staff & Elected Officials Engagment, Sterring Committee, Focus Group Engagement, Public Engagement, and Joint Workshops and Public Hearings. Each was integral to understanding and incorporating the goals and needs of the community as well as ensuring the success of the General Plan when it goes to the voters.

IDPlaces – The interactive IDPlaces mapping tool gave the public the ability to identify issues and opportunities on a dynamic, web-based map and provides the community with multiple ways to voice their issues related to specific geographic locations. The app allowed participants to mark the geographic area where the issue or opportunity exists, add comments, or upload images and documents to create a more interactive experience. Comments were then available for other users to see, creating a collaborative platform.

Community Questionnaire – A questionnaire for residents and business owners was developed to get input on desires for inclusion in the General Plan. The questionnaire was distributed to attendees at the first community meeting and posted online for those unable to attend the meeting.


This dedicated, branded project website will be available throughout the process where any interested party can easily access maps, studies, documents, upcoming meeting dates, and online participation opportunities. The website will provide information about the project under a “Documents” tab, including web articles, and informational brochures.

Two customized informational brochures with relevant information regarding the Make It Chino! 2040 General Plan are available on the Documents page. Each brochure provides decision-makers, community members, business owners, and property owners with an understanding of the planning process at critical stages of the update.


Two community meetings will be held during key phases of the General Plan process. For each meeting the goals will be information sharing and information gathering.

Public Engagement Ambassador Program – This program engages community members in spreading information about the general plan. Select members of community groups will be provided presentation materials and guidance so they can share information on the plan and gain input from the local organizations and groups of which they are members.

Elected Official Engagement

Elected officials will be integrated into the process through scheduled meetings. The process will include 2 joint Town Council and Planning & Zoning workshops and separate Town Council and Planning & Zoning Commission hearings for the final Plan. Once the plan is approved by Council, it will be referred to the voters of Chino Valley for ratification.

Steering Committee

Steering Committee The Steering Committee will comprise community members recommended by the Town Council. The Steering Committee members will have the primary role of determining plan priorities and organization and guiding the development of the plan. Committee input will be a critical key component of plan development, assisting the project team in evaluating strengths and weaknesses in the existing general plan and providing local expertise to guide visioning, direction, and content for the plan update. There will be a total of three Steering Committee meetings. These will not be open to the public. The first meeting will be a kick-off meeting in October 2022. This Steering Committee meeting will be vital in establishing the community’s vision for the Make It Chino! 2040 General Plan as well as delineating the structure and general content of the Plan. The next Steering Committee meetings are anticipated to occur in February and April as part of the plan content development.

Focus Group Engagement

Interviews and small focus group meetings will be conducted with select representatives covering key topic areas that will be addressed in the Make It Chino! 2040 General Plan. Possible topics of these focus groups include:

  • Agricultural
  • Real Estate
  • Developers
  • Water Interests
  • Education
  • Wildlife
  • Business



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